Fishing in Muurikaisjärvi

Muurikaisjärvi is a Fishing spot managed by Leppälahden Kalamiehet.

Along with the natural fish population, catch sized Rainbow Trout is planted into the lake. We also plant Whitefish into the lake during autumn. The waters of the lake are purely source-rich.

We also sell guest permits to the lake along with member permits. A guest permit for the 2024 season costs 20€/permit, which will be eligible to use for 1 day of fishing.

With a permit, you can hold 2 fishing rods and one active fishing rod per permit. With one permit you can keep 2 troutfish. You can pay for the permit directly by bank transaction.

When paying via bank transfer, remember to add 1. The name of the fisher and 2. The date to the note.

When at Muurikainen, remember that there are a lot of permanent settlements around the beaches. Take note of this when fishing. Keep the environment clean. There are no other official campfire places except for the ones in the fishers' beach. There is an official campfire place on the map.

Permit fees  

Bank beneficiary : Leppälahden kalamiehet Ry 

Account number : FI48 5290 0220 0687 44 

Or permit seller :      

OIKARI VESA    tel.0451340005